Waste Bins

Prestige Washrooms have a varied collection of waste bins for you to choose from and not only for use in your washroom, we also have a selection of recycling bins and cigarette end bins.

A simple and budget solution for your washroom is the Dolphin polished stainless steel pedal bin or Dolphin polished stainless steel trash can, they require no installation and they are very simple to use. If you would prefer to keep your waste bin off the floor, we have a selection of surface mounted stainless steel bins available too; one of the most popular is the Dolphin wall mounted stainless steel bin. If you have a high class washroom and would like to hide the waste bin by integrating it into the counter that you already have then we would suggest the Dolphin Prestige range of surface mounted bin ring or bin flaps. Other waste bins from the Dolphin Prestige range also provide a high quality chrome nickel steel alternative.

To complete your washroom facilities we also have a selection of sanitary bins and the 65 Litre nappy bin would be a necessity if you provide baby changing facilities in your establishment.

New to our range if waste bins are the Dolphin freestanding recycling bins, which are available in either brushed or polished stainless steel, these bins provide an easy way for your staff and company to be environmentally friendly. Our range of Dolphin smoking bins is essential If you provide a smoking area for your staff or customers, these are all made from stainless steel and we have bins that can be wall mounted as well as free standing models.

Everything you need for your washroom facility is available at www.prestigewashrooms.co.uk