Commercial Washroom Supplies

Prestige Washrooms work exclusively with its customers in order to deliver quality products at the best prices possible. Customer care and service is, after ensuring the quality of the product, our highest priority and we do all we can do to ensure that customers are not just satisfied but happy. During each step of your interaction with us, we trust you will find a dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable team of professionals, assisting you and providing you with the information you need, when you need it, whether its confirmation of a large order or a simple enquiry. We have full confidence in our range of commercial washroom products and believe it offers not just variety but the promise of reliability and efficiency, making the whole Prestige Washrooms experience difficult to beat. All of our products have 4 primary goals: To save water, to save power, to save time and ultimately to save money. All of these goals are achieved whilst working hand in hand with promoting an environment that is generally much cleaner and more hygienic. The range of products we stock is fairly comprehensive and includes combination units, baby changing units, grab rails, hand dryers, hair dryers, paper towel dispensers and consumables. You will also find soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, taps and flush valves, waste bins, and a range of exclusive children;s dispensers as well as other washroom accessories. You will find our products in some of the most prestigious hotels and executive venues throughout the UK and indeed across Europe. You will also find our washroom range in places like schools, colleges, universities and businesses. If you have any questions regarding anything to do with our range, our advisors will be on hand to provide any necessary advice. We are proud of our after-sales service and our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that they can come to us for further information, even when their new products are in situ. Prestige Washrooms have searched high and low to find the right components to make the right products in order for the highest in hygiene standards to not only be encouraged but met. Easy to use, they are designed to encourage those who might not otherwise be enthusiastic do so to wash their hands and be clean. Our range is not only of the highest quality but also offers a certain luxurious aesthetic using a variety of materials and finishes, so that they not only do the job well, but look good doing it! Please dont hesitate to phone us, fax us or email us for much more information. We will be happy to help you and point you in the right direction.
Prestige Washrooms is a trading name of Prestige Radiators
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