Taps And Flush Valves

Our taps at prestige washrooms are of superior quality with a timeless design for both the modern home and commercial environment. We have a range of both single lever taps and auto sensor taps to suit all your needs thus ensuring that we can meet all your washroom expectations.

Users of our single lever taps experience the positive and smooth operation of a truly outstanding quality tap which is suitable for prestigious or heavy traffic commercial, leisure, exhibition, education or public washrooms.

Our range of touch free electronic taps which are activated when the user brings hands within the sensor range ensuring ultimate hygiene and prevention of cross contamination and also can save up to 65% on water consumption when compared to regular taps and more than 30% when compared to self/time closing faucets. Our taps pay for themselves in a very short space of time and help to reduce the impact on our environment.

All our taps have an auto sensor which automatically adjusts when they are installed and also has an automatic cut out if the tap runs for more than 90 seconds. All our electronic taps can be supplied with either 9v Battery (PP3) which features a low battery warning or 9v Transformer ensuring excellent reliability, reduce maintenance to a minimum and will operate perfectly even during a power failure.

In addition to our taps we also have a range of both manual and touch free electronic flush valves for urinals. Some of our flush valves have both half flush and full flush options and also have an override button. Our Flush valves help washrooms to stay cleaner and to prevent unpleasant odours, save water and are ideal for the busiest of washrooms. All our flush valves have a mandatory 24 hour flush which runs for 5/10 seconds.

At prestige washrooms our main focus is saving water, saving power, saving time, saving money and by promoting a cleaner hygienic environment making our taps the obvious choice.

Everything you need for your washroom facility is available at www.prestigewashrooms.co.uk