Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Hand Towel Dispensers play a huge role in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness and are essential in every environment. Prestige Washrooms however, believe that style and good looks should not be sacrificed in order to achieve hygiene standards. With Paper Hand Towel Dispensers from Prestige Washrooms, you can have both!

Prestige Washrooms have a wide range of quality paper hand towel dispensers available for you to choose from. The two main types of paper hand towels that are used in homes and in commercial settings are C-fold paper hand towels and centre feed rolls, both types of paper are very popular and widely available. C fold paper towel dispensers tend to be used in washroom restrooms and are used by schools, hospitals, dental practices doctor’s surgeries and in offices across the UK. The Dolphin plastic C-fold dispenser is a very popular model and is suitable for customers who have a small budget for their washroom facility. Many companies prefer to opt for a more robust dispenser, in which case the Dolphin stainless steel maxi c fold paper dispenser is an ideal solution, as it is lockable and vandal resistant. At prestige Washrooms we are aware that with any lockable paper towel dispenser keys can easily be lost or broken, however when you purchase a paper towel dispenser from Prestige Washrooms we will replace any lost or broken keys free of charge!

Centre feed rolls are more often used in catering and workshop settings, as they allow for long pieces of paper roll to be pulled off, making the roll ideal for cleaning surfaces as well as for drying hands and face. We have both a Dolphin plastic centre feed dispenser and a Dolphin stainless steel standard centre feed dispenser available, so you can chose from which ever suits your requirements and budget.

Prestige Washrooms advanced new-age Paper Hand Towel Dispensers are indispensable in the modern rest-room. The new range of paper towel dispensers are the result of modern technology and are compact so they store more paper which in turn means towels need replenishing less often. Paper Hand Towel Dispensers from Prestige Washrooms are supreme, quality items. Their stylish good looks mean they combine well with any colour scheme or décor and we are confident that these products are manufactured only to the very highest standards."

If you are looking for a space saving solution, you may consider a Dolphin combination unit, which usually combine a paper towel dispenser and a bin all in one unit. The Dolphin combination units can sometimes be recessed in to the wall as a further space saving option. In addition to an excellent collection of paper towel dispensers, we also have a variety of washroom consumables so that you may purchase your dispenser and paper all at the same time, saving on shipping costs.

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