Hand Dryers

At Prestige Washrooms we pride ourselves on offering top quality products for your washroom.
We have a stunning range of functional, stylish and innovative hand dryers available to buy today each of which has been chosen for its quality.
Hand dryers are hygienic and add a modern feel to any washroom. There will be no need for hand towels or hand drying equipment in your washroom when you have a hand dryer.
In stock right now we have low capacity hand dryers, high capacity hand dryers, automatic hand dryers, manual hand dryers. All of the hand dryers that we sell have been tested by our team to ensure that they are as good as the manufacturer says they are.
We have commercial hand dryers available for multiple budgets. Our prices range from £100 - £700, often designated by the hand dryers output, brand and positioning - the most common hand dryers are wall mounted however there are some under counter hand dryers and behind mirror hand dryers.
All of our hand dryers use electricity to heat air that is then blown in to the user’s hands. This creates a hygienic way of drying ones hands, cutting down on germs and the spreading of them.
Hand dryers are common in public washrooms. You are also likely to find them in hospitals, restaurants, bars and places where the public have access. Private homes tend to not have hand dryers, although in Europe, 1 in 5 private washrooms has a hand dryer.
The hand dryers from Prestige Washrooms are the best that money can buy. Not only do we stock just top quality hand dryers, all of our hand dryers come at industry leading prices and like all online stores, we have a risk free payment platform. If you are in need of new hand dryers for your private or public washroom, get in touch with Prestige Washrooms today to chat to one of our friendly team.