Baby Changing Tables

Baby Changing units and Tables

Prestige Washrooms offer parents an innovative alternative to the out-dated baby changing tables, where parents face a daily power struggle with a tiny baby that results in arms and legs flying all over the place and sometimes even the changing mat itself! Baby Changing Tables from Prestige Washrooms with their advanced design and features provide the perfect solution for Mums and Dads. Hygienic and easy to clean, they fold flat against the wall when not in use and their sleek sophisticated design means that minimal space is required to install them.
The new baby changing tables have also been designed with a much deeper changing area of >45mm with the aim of preventing babies from rolling. The safety strap is made reinforced vinyl which is ultra-hygienic being non-absorbent and easy wipe clean. The safety buckle has been designed so that it can be adjusted using just one hand which is a boon when you are dealing with a baby with more arms and legs than an octopus! The baby changing tables are ADA compliant - having Braille user instructions molded into the table! Prestige baby changing tables are designed with not only baby's comfort in mind, but parent's too there are molded rounded hooks provided at both sides of the tables for left a right hand users so that mums or dads can safely store changing bags, this eliminates the need for bending down while performing this necessary task and also prevents unnecessary floor hazards!
Prestige Washrooms have an excellent selection of Baby Changing Units and Tables, we have a table to suit every budget. The Dolphin horizontal baby changing table and the Dolphin vertical baby changing tables have been used in schools, children’s centers, day care nurseries, churches and public houses. The Dolphin horizontal and vertical baby changing tables are made from easy to clean high density polyethylene, which helps to prevent any bacterial growth.
The Dolphin horizontal and vertical baby changing tables are tested to 177kg and are capable of holding a child up to 3 ½ years old, or 50lb / 22.7Kg. The baby changing tables exceed British Standards (BS EN 2221.2008). The Dolphin horizontal and vertical baby changing tables have a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and supplied FREE with aluminium baby changing facilities sign. To make the installation easier, the EZ Mount Backer Plate is available for both the horizontal and vertical baby changing tables.
An excellent accompaniment to the Dolphin horizontal and vertical baby changing table is the Child Safety seat, which allows parents to keep one child safe whilst changing another. The child wall safety seat can also be used as a high chair if required. The child safety seat is therefore ideal for cafes – restaurants, shops or anywhere that has limited space. When the seat is not in use the chair simply folds away to the wall space! Designed to fit into the smallest of spaces and will support a static load up to 80 lb./36.3kg.! For wall mounting the chair must be secured to a partition or wall that can support this load. For wall mounting the chair should be mounted 520mm (20”) from the floor to the underside of the unit. Wall fixing kit supplied!
For the more sophisticated baby changing facility, the Stainless Steel clad baby changing tables are ideal. The Dolphin stainless steel clad baby changing table has all of the features and benefits of the dolphin horizontal and vertical baby changing table, with the added feature of an attractive stainless steel outer casing. The Dolphin stainless steel clad baby changing table is available as a wall mounted, or recessed fitting baby changing table which can save space in a small baby changing facility.
The Titan baby changer is very popular for use in public toilets, prestige washrooms or any area particularly vulnerable to vandalism without compromising on safety and style. The Titan is made from Aluminium with rounded edges for a more pleasing modern style. The Titan has pneumatic shock absorbents that are concealed in a strong stainless steel mount casings ensuring a smooth and noiseless operation! The Titan baby changing unit offers a unique service with optimum safety, supports a static load of 400kg under test, an alternative design embodying strength, safety and hygiene! The Titan baby changing unit is ideal for use in public toilets, washrooms or any area particularly vulnerable to vandalism. To complement the Titan baby changing table we have the liner Roll dispenser from that is fitted above the table and will hold 105 sheets of baby changing liners, fixed above the table for ease of use. The liner role dispenser has rounded edges for a more pleasing modern style. Prestige Washrooms also stock quality baby changer liners, liner rolls offer customers a unique service and hygiene!
The Dolphin Stainless steel nappy changing units have a replaceable high gloss durable ABS tray, which is inherently bacterial resistant. The stainless steel units are able to support a static load of 181kg. Where changing facilities are needed for larger children or adults, the Dolphin stainless steel changing unit for special needs and adults is the ideal changing table. It is made from the same, quality materials as the Dolphin stainless steel nappy changing units but it is designed specifically for older children and adults- the length is much greater than normal baby changing tables, the special needs changing tables are for children and adults who may need assistance whilst changing. The Dolphin changing table meets essential standards of quality and is tested and rated to support static loads of 181kg (28.5st). This table offers a larger changing area of 1.579m. Prestige Washrooms also guarantees the Special Needs changing tables for a full 5 years against any manufacturing defects. The special needs changing tables are made from 16 gauge stainless steel, one of the toughest durable special needs changing tables available in the UK!
For a quick installation, Prestige Washrooms safe hands baby changers are supplied with easy step-by-step user instructions, plus all the required fittings. Fixing could not be easier, in addition we supply wall fixing bolts and a free aluminium baby changing facilities sign. There are six fixing points that can be utilized and only four are required if you are using the optional backer plate.
Prestige Washrooms also provide fixing point covers to hide any wall fixing points. The backer plate option is mainly used when the changing table is to be fitted on a stud walls, please note this is not an essential requirement the backer plate enables the unit to be attached to the wall with only one installer, thus reducing installation time and costs. This is optional but it does eliminate the need for structural blocking and ensures a permanent safe connection with two studs.
Prestige washrooms have excellent accessories for all our baby changing stations. To complete your baby changing facility, choose one of our nappy bins, soap dispensers and hand dryers, to complement the stainless steel baby changing unit we also have stainless steel liner dispensers.
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